First and foremost, I was inspired to make a blog to share my thoughts and experiences. Whether it is traveling, beauty, or lifestyle, I wanted to write it all down, like a personal journal, and share it with people. I’ve always admired bloggers and their individual charms shown through their writing styles. It’s so amazing how much character is shown. I was inspired and went ahead and gave the blog-life a try, so here I am.

~My key interest is makeup and skincare products. Not only does it makes me feel beautiful, the act of putting on makeup is like making a new identity for myself. I can transform myself with just a dash of lipstick or a little touch of blush. I love trying out new brands that are affordable. Afterall, why waste hundred of dollars on high-end products that will deliver the same purpose as a dupe? I’m also into Korean beauty products lately, and it’s no surprise that the trend is steadily increasing. Many of the Korean beauty products are affordable and has good quality.

I want to create a blog was to write reviews on products I buy online. It was scary, at least for me, when I bought my first online item. I had no idea if the product is true to its image on the screen or if it promises what it entitles in the description. Then I saw that there was a section where people can review whether or not the item met their satisfactions! From then on, the first thing I will always go to was the “review & feedback” page. I liked especially because the reviews were more thorough and well-explained. From then on, I wanted to write reviews so online shoppers can depend on me for items they purchased online.

I’m unsure of what the future holds for me in this blog, but I will always remind myself that I will enjoy every moment of it.